Inactive Committees
These committees, which were created to advise ISO-NE on a specific issue, are no longer active.
Evaluated potential alternative allocation methods and recommended the most efficient and fair method of allocating costs to the New England stakeholders.
Developed recommendations for the Transition Period rules, treatment of energy efficiency in the Forward Capacity Market, and the evolution of the demand response programs and their treatment in the Forward Capacity Market.
Working group established to work on information technology infrastructure issues surrounding the integration of demand resources into the ISO dispatch.
The Dodd-Frank and CFTC Working Group was established for the purposes of determining what action or actions NEPOOL may wish to take in response to the filing by ISO-NE of a public interest exemption from CFTC's Dodd-Frank regulations.
Stakeholder forum discussed process for implementing market efficiency transmission upgrades and economic studies.
Identified and evaluated environmental issues affecting operations and planning for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in New England.
Assised with the prioritization of initiatives currently before the Budget & Finance Committee concerning billing and settlement systems as well as billing and financial assurance policies.
The FCM Working Group (FCMWG) was a collaborative effort by NECPUC, NEPOOL and ISO-NE, to discuss proposed changes to the Forward Capacity Market. The FCMWG was non-voting and membership is open to all interested stakeholders in New England.
Stakeholder forum to addressed the issue of coordination between the Forward Capacity Market and the FERC Generator Interconnection Process and to develop a set of proposed Market Rule 1 and Open Access Transmission Tariff changes to be filed with FERC.
A temporary working group of the Markets Committee established to consider issues related to a potential forward spinning reserve market.
Stakeholder working group that advised the Budget & Finance Sub-Committee on revisions to the Financial Assurance Policy for the FTR and LTTR markets.
Stakeholder forum that advised ISO-NE and the Markets Committee on the effectiveness of the existing Hub locational marginal pricing areas.
Evaluated Installed Capacity requirement methodology and recommended appropriate changes prior to the IC determination for the 2007/08 power year to ISO-NE.
Developed a method to determine the Qualified Capacity of wind, solar and run-of-the river hydro resources (Intermittent Resources) for the Forward Capacity Market.
A temporary stakeholder working group formed to consider issues related to the development of long-term transmission rights.
Reviewed reliability criteria related to transmission planning and operations, and resource adequacy. Studies modeling of transmission constraints and evaluated benefits of individual ties to neighboring systems.
Stakeholder body used for reviewing and providing input on the material filed in compliance with Order 890.
Stakeholder process by which ISO sought to better understand the magnitude of state-sponsored energy efficiency programs.
Group considered stakeholder process and governance as it prepared for a compliance filing due April 28, 2009.
Stakeholder forum discussed resource development scenarios for the New England region.
Oversaw transmission settlement tasks under the Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) and advised the Tariff Committee.
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