Price Responsive Demand
Participants can register their demand response resources and participate in both Day-Ahead and Real-Time markets to be eligible for compensation at the market prices for demand reductions in hours where demand response resources reduce energy consumption from expected levels.
Report providing clearing results by load zone for each trading hour and trading day of current month for Price Responsive Demand in the Day-Ahead Market.
Daily Price Responsive Demand Offer data received by ISO-NE from enrolling participants, which is provided with the FERC-ordered lag period (the first day of the fourth month following the operating month).
The Day-Ahead Load Response Minimum Offer Price is calculated on a monthly basis and posted approximately three business days before the start of the month. The calculation consists of the Forward Reserve Fuel Index multiplied by the DALRP heat rate index. Day-Ahead Load Response is replaced by Price Responsive Demand as of June 1, 2012.
Reports available are a summary, which includes the monthly Demand Response Threshold Price and other related information, and a detail, which includes the reference month supply curve data in the form of market-level price/quantity pairs, as well as any other adjustments.
Access an aggregated report which includes a monthly summary of all available months effective June 2012. Report will download as a CSV file.
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