Other Markets Data
ISO-NE operates a variety of ancillary markets to ensure reliable and efficient service. These markets will help maintain service in outages, stimulate new generation, and help maintain optimal power system frequency.
Operating reserves are generating capacity scheduled or dispatched to ensure reliability. Net Commitment Period Compensation credits are paid to units whose cost exceeds their revenue.
Historical documents pertaining to the Installed Capacity market for years prior to the June 2010 implementation of the Forward Capacity Market.
Market Participants can bid for Financial Transmission Rights and receive a share of fees paid in congested areas. Access information about FTRs.
The objective of the Forward Capacity Market (FCM) is to purchase sufficient capacity for reliable system operation for a future year at competitive prices where all resources, both new and existing, can participate.
Market Participants can offer capability, in advance, to supply pool required Operating Reserve and are paid for their capability during the supply period.  
Participants can register their demand response resources and participate in both Day-Ahead and Real-Time markets to be eligible for compensation at the market prices for demand reductions in hours where demand response resources reduce energy consumption from expected levels.
When the transmission system is scheduled day-ahead under constrained conditions or is operating in real-time under constrained conditions, ISO-NE calculates congestion costs for each Market Participant or Transmission Customer. These collected costs are used to pay FTR Holders.

This file contains the data from an open-loop simulation of four-second AGC Setpoints for investigating how varying characteristics affect the AGC Setpoints sent to two hypothetical individual resources for a set of representative conditions important to normal AGC dispatch.

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