Auction Revenue Right

What is an Auction Revenue Right?

An Auction Revenue Right (ARR) is a right to receive revenues from the Financial Transmission Rights (FTR) Auctions administered by the ISO. ARRs are categorized in the ISO settlement billing by the FTR Auction type (Long-Term or Monthly) and FTR class type (On-Peak or Off-Peak) for which the FTR revenues were collected.

In what document(s) do I find details about Auction Revenue Rights?

Primary provisions for the settlement of Auction Revenue Rights are included in, but not limited to ISO-New England Market Rule 1, Appendix C and ISO New England Manual for Financial Transmission Rights Manual M-06.

Who can expect to incur an Auction Revenue Right Credit or Charge?


Auction Revenue Rights are allocated to Congestion Paying Load Serving Entities through a four-stage allocation process, and to Market Participants with Incremental Auction Revenue Rights for transmission upgrades.


Market Participants with cleared bids in the FTR Auction will be charged based on their cleared MW and the FTR clearing prices. The revenues from the auction are distributed through the ARRs. See Financial Transmission Right for additional information.

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Bill Detail

The monthly bill detail contains line items entitled "ARR Long Term Off-Peak Alloc," "ARR Long Term On-Peak Alloc," "ARR Monthly Off-Peak Alloc,"and "ARR Monthly On-Peak Alloc."


ARR Award Summary Report

SD_ARRAWDSUM Summary of ARR Awards by Auction, class type (On-Peak/Off-Peak) and Load Zone, issued monthly, after the completion of the FTR settlement.

ARR Summary Report

SD_ARRSUM Summary of the Auction Revenue by Auction, class type and ARR allocation stage, issued monthly, after the completion of the FTR settlement.

ARR Transaction Report

SD_ARRTRANSACT Summary of all Excepted Transactions and NEMA Contracts, and Participant's ARR awards for these transactions, issued monthly, after completion of the FTR settlement.

Daily Financial Position Report

BL_DAILYPOSITION Daily financial position including all market service settlements and miscellaneous billing adjustments generated on a daily basis; and, issued to all active customers registered as a Participant or Non-Participant.

FTR Auction and Auction Revenue Distribution Report

SR_ARRDISTR Summary of the Pool and Participant FTR Auction and ARR allocations, issued monthly, after the completion of the FTR settlement.



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