FCM Import Penalty Charge

What is the FCM Import Penalty Charge?

The Forward Capacity Market (FCM) Import Penalty Charge is the penalty assessed for failing to offer or deliver an external capacity import transaction in the Energy Market.

In what document(s) do I find details about the FCM Import Penalty Charge?

Primary provisions for the Forward Capacity Market Import Penalty Charges are included in, but not limited to Market Rule I Section III.

Who can expect to incur an FCM Import Penalty Charge?

A Market Participant with an Import Capacity Resource with a Capacity Supply Obligation (CSO), which fails to offer competitively each day of the obligation settlement month, fails to offer the MW value of the CSO in each hour or fails to deliver the requested MW amount in each hour the transaction is requested.

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Bill Detail

The monthly bill detail contains a single line item for the charge entitled "FCM Import Penalty Charge."


Daily Financial Position Report

BL_DAILYPOSITION Daily financial position including all market service settlements and miscellaneous billing adjustments generated on a daily basis; and, issued to all active customers registered as a Participant or Non-Participant.

Forward Capacity Market Import Penalty Charge Settlement Detail

SD_FCMIMPORTPENALTYCHG Issued on a monthly basis for the prior month and prior to initial billing and resettlement billing.

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