GIS Costs

What are GIS Costs?

GIS (Generation Information System) is an emissions reporting and tracking tool that monitors environmental attributes of generated electricity. For each megawatt-hour of electricity generated by individual units, a certificate is assigned that records the attributes of that power. These certificates are then used by electricity suppliers to differentiate their products for consumers, to provide the information required on energy disclosure labels, and to comply with state and regional Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and emissions performance standards. The GIS Costs represent the expenses incurred by the ISO for the vendor APX administered GIS, and the associated charges of the project leader and other internal ISO staff's time as identified by the project leader. GIS Costs settlement information is provided under the Standard Settlement reporting structure.

In what document(s) do I find details about GIS Costs?

Primary provisions for the GIS Costs settlement are located in the New England Power Pool Generation Information System (NEPOOL GIS) Operating Rules and in the NEPOOL Participants Committee 6/21/02 Meeting Agenda, Attachment #1, Allocation of Costs Related to Generation Information System.

Who can expect to incur a GIS Costs Credit or Charge?



GIS Costs payments are distributed to the ISO.


GIS Load

Allocation of Costs Related to Generation Information System .

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Bill Detail

The monthly contains a single line item entitled "GIS Costs". The Data Reconciliation Process is not performed unless the criteria in section 3.b. of Allocation of Costs Related to Generation Information System are met.


Daily Financial Position Report

BL_DAILYPOSITION Daily financial position including all market service settlements and miscellaneous billing adjustments generated on a daily basis; and, issued to all active customers registered as a Participant or Non-Participant.

GIS Costs

SS_GISCOST Summarized in the monthly Standard Settlement MIS Report issued one month in arrears of the settlement obligation month.



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