ISO Schedule 1 RNS

What is ISO Schedule 1 RNS?

ISO Schedule 1 is an Ancillary Service provided by ISO New England for scheduling the movement of power through, out of, within or into the New England Control Area. Regional Network Service (RNS) is the transmission service that transmission customers purchase in order to serve their network load in the New England Control Area.
Under ISO Schedule 1, ISO New England provides Scheduling System Control and Dispatch Service to transmission customers purchasing RNS.

In what document(s) do I find details about ISO Schedule 1 RNS?

Primary provisions for the settlement of the ISO Schedule 1 RNS are included in the ISO Self-Funding Tariff.

Who can expect to incur an ISO Schedule 1 RNS Credit or Charge?



ISO Schedule 1 RNS payments are distributed to the ISO. 


Monthly Regional Network Load

ISO Schedule 1 RNS charges are calculated based on Monthly Regional Network Load value for any transmission customer that is purchasing RNS Service at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved rate ($/kW-month) determined annually and effective January 1 through December 31.

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Bill Detail

The monthly bill contains a single line item netting charges and credits entitled “ISO Schedule 1 RNS”.


Tariff-Monthly ISO Schedule 1 Regional Network Service(RNS) Settlement

For settlements post 10/1/2010:
Summarized in the monthly MIS Report issued one month in arrears of the settlement obligation month.

Related Calculation Summary

ISO Schedule 1 RNS Calculation Summary

For settlements prior to 10/1/2010:
See Reports section of ISO Schedule 1 for RNS

Daily Financial Position Report

Daily financial position including all market service settlements and miscellaneous billing adjustments generated on a daily basis; and, issued to all active customers registered as a Participant or Non-Participant.



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