NCPC - Min Gen Emergency

What is NCPC - Min Gen Emergency?

Net Commitment Period Compensation (NCPC) is the "make whole" payment to an eligible Resource and/or external transaction that did not recover its offered costs from the Energy Market during an Operating Day. NCPC - Min Gen Emergency payments are made to generators that are dispatched up during a Minimum Generation Emergency (MGE); the LMP is set to zero for any portion of the hour when the MGE in effect. These hours are excluded from the Real-Time NCPC calculation, and the "make whole" payment is calculated for these hours as the NCPC - Min Gen Emergency credit. Generators must place requests in writing for the NCPC - Min Gen Emergency treatment, which is only performed in the Data Reconciliation Process resettlement. NCPC - Min Gen Emergency settlement information is provided under the Standard Settlement reporting structure.

In what document(s) do I find details about the NCPC - Min Gen Emergency?

Primary provisions for the settlement of the NCPC - Min Gen Emergency are included in, but not limited to Market Rule 1, Appendix F.

Who can expect to incur NCPC - Min Gen Emergency Credits or Charges?


Market Participants with an Ownership Share in a Resource eligible for NCPC - Min Gen Emergency payments, for which a request in writing has been made as detailed in Market Rule 1, Appendix F.


Charges for NCPC - Min Gen Emergency are allocated to Market Participants based on Real-Time Generation Obligation, except that Market Participants with resources that are credited for NCPC - Min Gen Emergency have the generation above Economic Minimum from these resources excluded from their Real-Time Generation Obligation determinations.

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Bill Detail

The monthly bill contains the net of charges and credits for the Standard Settlement of NCPC - Min Gen Emergency, in the bill roll-up line item entitled "Real-Time NCPC", on an event basis, which includes the Data Reconciliation Process settlement. (NCPC - Min Gen Emergency is not calculated in the initial settlement billing.) Individual information for NCPC - Min Gen Emergency is reflected on the Bill Details/Adjustment Report (BL_DETAILS), section "Bill Adj Detail," for the Data Reconciliation Process resettlement billing.


Daily Financial Position Report

Daily financial position including all market service settlements and miscellaneous billing adjustments generated on a daily basis; and, issued to all active customers registered as a Participant or Non-Participant.

NCPC - Minimum Generation Emergency

SS_NCPCMGE Summary of a Participant's daily NCPC - Min Gen Emergency credits by generator, and Summary of a Participant's allocation of Pool NCPC - Min Gen Emergency charges, issued after the Data Reconciliation Process resettlement for the Market Day.


NCPC - Min Gen Emergency is reported on the SP_EQR report, available on a monthly basis one month after the given settlement, as referenced in the FERC EQR mapping line item NCPC - Minimum Generation Emergency.

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