NCPC Posturing - Generator

What is NCPC Posturing - Generator?

Net Commitment Period Compensation (NCPC) is the "make whole" payment to an eligible Generator and/or external transaction that did not recover its offered costs from the Energy Market during an operating day. NCPC Posturing-Generator payments are made to resources that respond to ISO New England's request to reduce or suspend normal economic operation. The NCPC Posturing-Generator credit recovers the generator's lost opportunity cost for running at a level lower than it could have run under normal economic dispatch. NCPC Posturing- Generator settlement information is provided under the Standard Settlement reporting structure.

In what document(s) do I find details about the NCPC Posturing - Generator?

Primary provisions for the settlement of the NCPC Posturing - Generator are included in, but not limited to Market Rule 1 and Market Rule 1, Appendix F.

Who can expect to incur a NCPC Posturing - Generator Credit or Charge?


Market Participants with an Ownership Share in a Generator that was Postured will receive credits.


Charges are allocated to Market Participants based on Real Time Load Obligation, excluding Real Time Load Obligation associated with Postured Dispatchable Asset Related Demand Resource (pumps only). If the resource was postured for VAR service, charges are instead allocated to Market Participants based on Network Load and OASIS reservations.

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Bill Detail

The hourly services bill contains the net of charges and credits for NCPC Posturing - Generator, in the bill roll-up line item entitled "Real-Time NCPC". Non-VAR Posturing settlements are included in the hourly services bill. Individual information for NCPC Posturing - Generator is also reflected on the Bill Details/Adjustment Report (BL_DETAILS). The information is shown in section "Standard Settlement Details" for the initial settlement billing, and section "Bill Adj Detail" for the Data Reconciliation Process resettlement billing. The monthly bill contains a single line item netting charges and credits on a Market Participant's bill entitled "OATT Schedule 2 VAR". This line item includes VAR NCPC and Regional High Voltage VAR NCPC charges and credits, as well as charges and credits associated with other VAR service as described in OATT-Schedule 2 VAR.


Daily Financial Position Report

BL_DAILYPOSITION Daily financial position including all market service settlements and miscellaneous billing adjustments generated on a daily basis; and, issued to all active customers registered as a Participant or Non-Participant.

NCPC Posturing - Generator

SS_NCPCPG Summary of a Participant's daily NCPC Posturing - Generator credits by generator, and Summary of a Participant's allocation of Pool NCPC Posturing - Generator charges, issued upon settlement of the Market Day.


NCPC Posturing - Generator is reported on the SP_EQR report, available on a monthly basis one month after the given settlement, as referenced in the FERC EQR mapping line item NCPC - Postured.

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