New England's wholesale electricity markets are most effective and the region’s bulk electric power system is most reliable when information is available to the marketplace—when those who generate, buy, sell, and transport electricity have the information necessary to make informed trading, operational and investment decisions. Public officials also rely on information in guiding policy decisions. ISO New England serves as a valuable resource by providing information about the markets and the bulk electric power system through issuing reports, studies, white papers and public communications.
The annual plan describes ISO New England's ongoing projects for the continued development of New England's wholesale electricity markets. Document summarizes the market enhancements planned for the next few years and lists the ISO's major wholesale markets projects.
ISO-NE conducts studies and publishes reports on events and issues relating to the wholesale electricity markets and the bulk electric power system. 
ISO-NE’s white papers provide technical analysis of various components of the region’s wholesale electricity markets.
ISO-NE communication with the region’s wholesale electricity stakeholders includes presentations, speeches, correspondence and forum materials.
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