White Papers
ISO-NE's white papers provide technical analysis of various component of the region's wholesale electricity markets.

Date Document Title Document Type  
Jan 06, 2011
Joint ISO-NE and NYISO White Paper on analysis and recommendations for improving energy interchange coordination and efficiency at the New England-New York interface.
PDF (1.9Mb)
Mar 23, 2010
An ISO/RTO Council Report
PDF (2.5Mb)
Feb 17, 2009 PDF (2.2Mb)
Apr 03, 2008
Long-term transmission and possible market coordination with New Brunswick.
PDF (373k)
Apr 03, 2008 PDF (46.2k)
Dec 14, 2007
A broad overview of the costs and benefits associated with the improvements made to the electricity system from 2000-2006.
PDF (66.7k)
Aug 02, 2007 PDF (46.0k)
Aug 02, 2007
Exploring the economic, reliability, and environmental impacts of various resource outcomes for meeting the region's future electricity needs
PDF (932k)
Mar 16, 2007
Summary of Show of Interest Applications for potential supply and demand resources seeking to participate in New England's first Forward Capacity Market
PDF (67.0k)
Jun 14, 2006 PDF (288k)
Jun 01, 2006
Supporting data for scenario #1 (Addition of a 1,000 MW price-taking baseload resource)
XLS (553k)
Jun 01, 2006
Results of an ISO-NE analysis that evaluated the drivers of electricity costs
PDF (141k)
Jun 01, 2006
This one-page version of ISO's Electricity Costs White Paper describes the impact of various strategies to control electricity costs.
PDF (53.4k)
Mar 06, 2006
Highlights of March 6, 2006 filed settlement agreement on Forward Capacity Market.
PDF (54.7k)
Mar 03, 2006
Why Pay-As-Bid Auctions do not cost less than Energy Auctions used in New England.
PDF (61.5k)
Feb 03, 2006
Explanation of Prices in New England under Wholesale Competitive Markets.
PDF (57.4k)
Sep 30, 2005
A broad overview of the costs and benefits associated with the improvements made to the electricity system.
PDF (55.2k)
Aug 25, 2005
Ensuring Power System Reliability ISO New England Paper - 2005.
PDF (161k)
Apr 07, 2005
The benefits of ISOs and RTOs, April 2005.
PDF (337k)
Sep 03, 2004 PDF (72.3k)
Apr 25, 2003
For seller's choice bilateral contract administration purposes. Presents the methodology used by the ISO in determining the listing of public pnodes as being either PTF or Non-PTF. Published Feb 2004.
PDF (115k)
Feb 20, 2003
Describes the dependencies affecting the LMP Loss Component Calculation for Phase I/II ExternalNodes and Highgate External Node. Published Feb 2004.
PDF (17.9k)
Feb 20, 2003 PDF (1.6Mb)
Feb 13, 2003
Describes how FTR Auction revenues are allocated. Includes a description of the Qualified Upgrade Awards process. Published Feb 2003.
DOC (422k)
Dec 11, 2002 PDF (150k)
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