ISO New England Orders
Jan 2012
Final Orders issued by FERC for proceedings that involve ISO-NE.  The documents are available in reverse chronological order.

Date Document Title Document Type  
Jan 31, 2012
Letter Order Accepting Alternative Technology Regulation Pilot Program Revisions
PDF (36.2k)
Jan 26, 2012
Letter Order Accepting CVPS Agreement
PDF (39.1k)
Jan 24, 2012
Letter Order accepting Milford LSA
PDF (28.7k)
Jan 19, 2012
Order Addressing Order 745 Compliance Filing
PDF (246k)
Jan 19, 2012
Order on FCM Redesign
PDF (313k)
Jan 18, 2012
Letter Order Accepting ICR and HQICCs for the 2012/2013 Capability Year third annual reconfiguration auction and the 2013/2014 Capability Year second annual configuration auction
PDF (27.7k)
Jan 18, 2012
Letter Order Accepting Phase I/II Agreements
PDF (38.4k)
Jan 09, 2012
Order Denying CT AG's Req. for Rehearing
PDF (144k)
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