ISO New England is a private, not-for-profit corporation, created and regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The services provided and the relationships made by ISO New England with entities that generate, buy, sell and transport electricity in New England are governed by a variety of agreements, tariffs and contracts as well as final orders issued by FERC. The legal documents governing ISO New England’s activities since we were established in 1997 are available to the public.
The Transmission, Markets and Services Tariff (Tariff) provides the rates, terms and conditions for transmission, market and other services provided by ISO-NE.
Access documents filed by ISO-NE and other related organizations with FERC, individual states, and other federal agencies along with orders related to those filings.
Documents related to resolving seams issues or trading barriers between adjoining wholesale electricity markets.
Provides overall governance structure related to ISO-NE’s administration of New England’s wholesale electricity markets and bulk electric power system.
Provides the terms under which Transmission Owners transfer operational authority of their facilities to ISO-NE in its role as the RTO.
Document ISO-NE's coordination of operations with operators of neighboring control areas and the terms for pricing Emergency Energy and Security Energy. Other Agreements available document the relationship among asset owners of the facilities subject to such Coordination Agreements.  
Operating agreement that outlines NEPOOL's overall governance.
Access the documents related to the operation of New England's wholesale electricity markets and transmission system that were in effect before ISO-NE became a RTO.
Archive of Legal Notices
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