Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs) Frequently Asked Questions

MWs cleared and path (from location to location) for the full period of the FTR Auction, the winning bidders and FTR clearing prices at all Locations. (See MR 1, III.7.3.7) Long-term auction will be posted by the 6th business day after the close of bidding window; monthly auction results will be posted by the 4th business day after the close of the bidding window. (See Section 3.5 of Manual M-06).

Market Rule One, Section 7 defines Eligible FTR Bidder as "an entity that has satisfied applicable financial assurance criteria and shall not include the Auctioneer, its affiliates, and their officers, directors, employees, consultants and other representatives".

No. In accordance with Section 4 of Manual M-06, the trading deadline for all FTR trades for the Operating Day is the end of the previous Operating Day.

Section 5 of Manual M-06 explains what happens when there are shortfalls or excess collection of Transmission Congestion Revenue.

Reference M-06 FTRs, Section 7.2 ARR Overview. Revenues from the FTR Auction are allocated: i) to entities paying for transmission upgrades; and ii) to Congestion Paying LSEs.

Yes. Section 7 of Manual M-06 describes how ARRs are allocated to holders of excepted transactions.

The auction schedule updates are posted with the FTR Calendars. The calendars are updated on an annual basis and include both annual and monthly FTR auction dates.

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