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General Lists

ISO Training  Subscribe  

Receive announcements of ISO New England training courses.

ISO Newswire  Subscribe  

Receive a monthly e-mail highlighting the most recent articles published on ISO New England's news website.

Notice Lists

All Notices  Subscribe  

Receive all ISO New England notices.

Emergency Operating System Notices  Subscribe  

Notices pertaining to abnormal Operating System conditions including:
  • Implementation of Action During a Capacity Deficiency per ISO-NE Operating Procedure No. 4 (OP 4)
  • Abnormal Conditions Alert per Master/Local Control Center Procedure No. 2 (M/LCC 2)
  • Implementation of Minimum Generation Remedial Action
  • Posturing of generator(s)
  • Emergency energy sales and/or purchases
  • Cold Weather Condition Actions
Information Technology (IT) Notices  Subscribe  

Copy of Web notices posted under various categories that may impact information technology departments, including:

  • Maintenance or upgrade of applications hosted on the SMD Applications Home Page, planned and unplanned
  • ISO Web publishing delays, planned and unplanned
  • MIS report publishing difficulties
Market Notices  Subscribe  

Announcement of issues impacting the SMD Markets including:
  • Day-Ahead Market results
  • Final Real-Time LMP availability
  • Change to the Energy Market trading deadline
  • Delay in clearing of the Day-Ahead Market
  • Delay in LMP availability
  • SMD Applications database maintenance, planned and emergency
  • New application releases (e.g. CAMS, upgrade of EES)
  • Updating of Total Transfer Capabilities (TTCs)
Capacity (ICAP and FCM) Announcements  Subscribe  

Notification of issues regarding both the current Installed Capacity (ICAP) Transition Period and upcoming Forward Capacity Market (FCM) including:
  • FCM qualification deadlines (e.g., NCQP, SOI, Composite Offers, Delisting, Bilaterals)
  • Forward Capacity Auction (FCA) information
  • Reconfiguration Auction information
  • Posting of FCM reports and results
  • Governance (FCM related Filings and Orders)
  • FCM calendars, including updates and new postings
  • Shortage Events
FTR Market Announcements  Subscribe  

Notification of issues impacting the FTR Market including:
  • FTR Auction Results
  • PNode retirements
  • PNode reassignments
  • FTR Auction Calendar updates
Forward Reserve Market Announcements  Subscribe  

Notification of issues impacting the Forward Reserve Market including:
  • FRM Auction assumptions
  • FRM Auction results
  • Gas indices
  • Threshold price
  • FRM Calendar updates
MIS Report Issues  Subscribe  

Announcement of new or revised MIS reports or delay in publishing of certain MIS reports.

Customer Issues  Subscribe  

Announcement of events of general interest including:
  • Miscellaneous reports published (e.g. Cold Snap, Patton Report)
  • Changes in policy issues
Settlement Announcements  Subscribe  

Announcement of issues involving Market Settlement including:
  • 90 Day Resettlement
  • Demand Response Settlement
  • Settlement Deadline Calendar updates
  • FERC Orders impacting Settlement
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