Customer Registration Information
Customers must register before they can conduct business with ISO-NE. Access directions to register for market applications and information systems here.
Steps to update customer affiliates using the Corporate Family and Relationships functions in CAMS.

Register for the Open Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS), Enhanced Energy Scheduler (EES) software, and Electric Industry Registry (EIR) to wheel energy through, import energy into, or export energy out of the New England Balancing Authority Area via the Real-Time Energy Market.

Steps and documents needed from Financial Transmission Rights customers in order to access the eFTR System and comply with annual documentation requirements.
Request access to the Forward Capacity Tracking System (FCTS) to submit a Show Of Interest (SOI) and Qualification Package information for the Forward Capacity Market.
Find out about the different types of customers who conduct business with ISO-NE, how to become a customer, and general contact information regarding the membership process.
Steps and information needed to request membership termination.
Steps to notify ISO New England of a Merger, Acquisition, or Divestiture.
Steps to process changes to an existing customer name.
Steps and documents needed to complete the non-participant FTR-Only Customer membership process.
Steps and documents needed to complete the Governance Participant (Individual and NEPOOL Participant) membership process.
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