Membership Termination Request

Steps and information needed to request membership termination.

The steps and information required to request membership termination are listed below.

  1. Compose a letter on company letterhead requesting termination of Membership and Market Participant Service Agreement addressed to:

    • ISO New England Customer Support
    Customer Support
    ISO New England Inc.
    One Sullivan Road
    Holyoke, MA 01040-2841

    • Secretary, NEPOOL Participants Committee
    Mr. David T. Doot
    Secretary, NEPOOL Participants Committee
    c/o Day Pitney LLP
    242 Trumbull Street
    Hartford, CT 06103-1212

  2. Include the following information in the letter:
    • Participant Name
    • Participant Customer Asset Management System (CAMS) ID Number
    • Market Participant Service Agreement MPSA Number (if available)
    • Date Termination is to be Effective (always on the 1st of the desired month)
    • Signature of an authorized company representative
    • Termination Letter Template
  3. Mail hardcopies of the letter to both addresses above
  4. Email scanned copies of the letter to the following addresses:

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