Membership Overview


Membership requirements depend on:

  • Intended market activity
  • Services sought from ISO New England

Prospective members of the Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) are recognized as either:

  • A NEPOOL Participant by signing the Counterpart Signature Page of the Second Restated NEPOOL Agreement (RNA)
  • An Individual Participant by signing the signature page of the Participants Agreement (PA)
  • A non-participant (FTR-Only Customers)

To initiate the process:

Contact Information

Senior Membership Support Analyst
Heather Latka
(413) 535-4328

Customer Support
(413) 540-4220

NEPOOL Counsel
Pat Gerity
(860) 275-0533

Market and Credit Risk Department
(413) 540-4400

Billing Department
Fax: (413) 535-4024
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