External Transactions - Registration Requirements for OASIS, EES, and EIR
The following steps are required for certain transmission customers: those seeking to wheel energy through, import energy into, or export energy out of the New England Balancing Authority Area via the Real-Time Energy Market.
  1. Register for OASIS. See the New England OASIS website for registration and supporting information. (Look for the links in the upper left corner.)
  2. Submit the External Transmission Customer Contact form. This form is required to access the ISO's Enhanced Energy Scheduler (EES) software.
  3. Register for the Electric Industry Registry (EIR)

About OASIS, EES, and EIR

  • OASIS is the Open Access Same-Time Information Systeman electronic posting system that helps ensure that all transmission customers have timely access to transmission information that will enable them to obtain comparable, open access transmission service on a non-discriminatory basis. Examples of OASIS information include available transfer capability, transmission rates, and system conditions that may give rise to interruptions or curtailments.
  • The EES facilitates a transmission customer's submittal of external transactions into the Real-Time Energy Market.
  • The EIR is the central repository for information required to support commercial, scheduling, and transmission management operations in North America.


Visit the Service Types and Applications page for more information on transmission services under the ISO's Open Access Transmission Tariff. Specifically, review the "ISO OATT Business Practices Section 1—OATT Transmission Services Summary" and "Transmission Service Types and Applications" documents.
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