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OI_UNITOPER - Unit Operation Report - Rev 1

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OI_UNITOPER - Unit Operation Report - Rev 1

OI_UNITOPER_<customer id>_<settlement date>_<version>.CSV
<Customer Name>
Date: mm/dd/yyyy and Version: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss GMT

Availability: Hourly to owners and lead participants of active biddable generating units.



Asset ID

Numerical identifier for the asset being reported.


Timestamp used for the information being reported in the specific row. Format: hh:mm:ss

Desired Dispatch Point

The control signal expressed in MWs transmitted to Generation resources.

Economic Maximum

Normal Maximum Generation, in MW, of a Participant's Generating Unit. This represents the highest available output from the unit for economic dispatch and is based on the physical operating characteristics of the unit as submitted as part of a Resources Offer Data.

Economic Minimum

The Emergency Minimum Limit; (ii) a level supported by environmental and/or operating permit restrictions; or (iii) a level that addresses any significant economic penalties associated with operating at lower levels that cannot be adequately represented by three part bidding (Start-Up Fee, No-Load Fee and incremental energy price).

Regulation High Limit

High Regulation Limits, considering any necessary offsets (MW).

Regulation Low Limit

Low Regulation Limits, considering any necessary offsets (MW).

Ramp Rate

Ramp Rate in MW/Minute as bid by Participant or redeclared by ISO New England

Dispatch Rate

The control signal, expressed in dollars per megawatt-hour and/or megawatts, calculated and transmitted to direct the output level of all generation Resources dispatched by the ISO in accordance with the Offer Data.


Unit Control Mode (1-9) as defined in Master/Satellite Procedure No. 4

Current MW

Output of Generator as Telemetered to ISO
LEG Status

Flagged as Limited Energy Generator (LEG).

LEG Limit MW

The Maximum Generation, in MW, requested by the Participant.

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