Real-Time NCPC Unit Payment Report_Settlement Details

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Modified. No change in report structure, added type of Generator Performance Audit in the description of "NCPC Type". 09.01.2013 PDF XLTX CSV


SD_RTNCPCPMT – Real Time NCPC Unit Payment Report – Settlement Details – Rev 3

SD_RTNCPCPMT_<customer id>_<settlement date>_<version>.CSV
<Customer Name>
Date: mm/dd/yyyy and Version: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss GMT
Availability: Daily between 16:15 and 18:15 or on-demand by Settlement need.



Trading Interval

Specific hour for which the information is reported. Numeric from 1 – 24 (For daylight-saving crossover days: the long day extra hour = 02X, the short day removes hour 02).

ISO-NE Schedule ID

An identifier associated with a scheduled External Transaction.

Resource Type

The description of an External Transaction (Purchase or Sale).

Asset ID

Numerical identifier for the asset.

Hourly Offer

Total hourly costs for the specified asset (Including Startup, No-Load Bid, and Energy offer).

Hourly Value

The product of the (Revenue Quality Metering less Day Ahead Cleared MWs) and the Real-Time LMP.

Regulation ROC Value

The sum of the out of merit uplift ROC Credit from the regulation market multiplied by a negative one

Daily Total NCPC

Sum of Hourly Offers less the sum of Hourly Values.

Hourly Pool Load Obligation

Sum of Participants’ Load Obligations in that hour.

Daily Total Load Obligation for hours Dispatched

Sum of Hourly Pool Load Obligations for Hours Dispatched.

NCPC Payment

The hourly RT NCPC payment as calculated per Market Rule 1, Appendix F.  At a high level, equals  the Daily Real Time Generation Offer less the Daily Real Time Generation Value less the Daily Regulation out of merit ROC Credits.

Ownership Share

A right or obligation, for purposes of settlement, to a percentage share of all Credits or Charges associated with a generating unit at a Node, where such unit is interconnected to the NEPOOL Transmission System.

Customer Share NCPC Payment

Real Time Net Commitment Period Compensation Payment allocated to Participants based on their ownership share.


Flag status for commitment reason: Economic, LSCPR, SCR, VAR up/down or Generator Performance Audit.


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sd_rtncpcpmt Modified. No change in report structure, added type of SCR in the description of "NCPC Type". 04.01.2013
sd_rtncpcpmt Existing. Renamed the column "Regulation LOC Value" to "Regulation ROC Value" and modified the description of columns "Regulation LROC Value", "NCPC Payment" and "NCPC Type" 01.01.2012
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