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sp_peakcontributiondly New. This is a monthly report which includes daily details. The First anticipated run date is June 2nd 2010. 06.01.2010 PDF XLTX CSV


SP_PEAKCONTRIBUTIONDLY – Special Peak Contribution Daily Report – Rev 0

SP_PEAKCONTRIBUTIONDLY_<customer id>_<settlement date>_<version>.CSV
<Customer Name>
Date: mm/dd/yyyy and Version: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss GMT

Availability: Available on a daily basis for the current month and prior month until the submittal window is closed for the prior month. Recipients are customers who are Participants with an ownership share of a Load or Asset Related Demand Asset and customers who are the Assigned Meter Reader for a Load or Asset Related Demand Asset at any point during the month.  For unmetered loads this will be the responsible customer for the metering domain of the asset.  If a customer is both the owner and assigned meter reader/responsible customer for an asset they will receive a single report for the asset.

Note: In the event that the meter reader or responsible customer changes mid-month a report will be issued to both customers showing only data for the days they were the meter reader or responsible customer.



Trading Date

Date for which the Peak Contribution value was reported.

Asset ID

Numerical identifier for an asset.

Asset Name

Name of the asset.

Asset Type

Specified Asset Type.

Meter Reader Customer Id

Customer ID of the responsible party for meter readings of the given asset.
Note: This will represent the responsible party for the metering domain for unmetered assets.

Asset Peak Contribution

Daily Peak Contribution MW values submitted by the Assigned Meter Reader.

Ownership Share

Ownership Share is a right or obligation, for purposes of settlement, to a percentage share of all credits or charges associated with an asset, where such asset is interconnected to the New England Transmission System.
Note: This will be NULL in the reports distributed to the assigned meter reader.

Customer Share of Asset Peak Contribution

Peak Contribution MW value allocated to the Participant based on ownership share.
Note: This will be NULL in the reports distributed to the assigned meter reader that do not have ownership in the asset.

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