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New. The first version of this report expected to be PUBLISHED onto ISONE external web first week of July 2010 for Obligation Month June 2010. 06/01/2010 PDF XLTX CSV
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WW_FCMSEASONALPEAKHOUR –Forward Capacity Market Seasonal Peak Hour Report – Rev 0

WW_FCMSEASONALPEAKHOUR_ISO_<settlement date>_<version>.CSV
Date: mm/dd/yyyy and Version: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss GMT

Availability: This report will be issued on the first business day after the end of the following obligation months: June, July, August, December, and January. The report will also be available prior to the data reconciliation process for each of those months.



Seasonal Peak Hour

Trading Date

Calendar date of the operating day on which the seasonal peak hour falls.

Trading Interval

Specific hour for which the information is reported. Numeric from 1- 24 (For daylight-saving crossover days: the long day extra hour = 02X, the short day removes hour 02).

RT Hourly System Load

Real-time telemetered load, adjusted for transmission and distribution losses, and excluding load associated with Exports and the pumping load associated with pumped storage generators.

Seasonal 50/50 Peak System Load Forecast

The most recent 50/50 Predicted Peak System Load value published in the CELT report for the Capacity Commitment Period, and reconstituted for Other Demand Resources.

For the months of June, July, and August, the Summer 50/50 Peak System Load is used. For December and January, this value is the Winter 50/50 Peak System Load.

Seasonal Peak Hour Status

The status of the Seasonal Peak Hour.
Prior to 06/01/2011, valid values are:


After 06/01/2011, valid values are:

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