Training Materials
Access the materials used in classroom, webinar, and e-learning courses. 

Material providing details on the line items that appear on the ISO England invoice.

Material pertaining to changes to the Blackstart program, including changes to administration, testing, and settlement processes.
Material discussing changes to CLAIM10 and CLAIM30 Offline reserve auditing and changes to ISO dispatch software regarding fast-start generator offer parameters.
Material providing an overview of recently approved Market Rule revisions related to generator auditing, and how to use the Claimed Capability Auditing Tool (CCAT) to submit/request audits, view audit results, and view audit windows.
Material associated with Demand Resources.
Materials providing information related to Divisional Accounting.

Materials providing information on energy market and ancillary services topics.

Material providing details related to External Transactions.
Material providing information on Financial Assurance and the Financial Assurance Management User Interface.
Material related to Financial Transmission Rights.
Material providing information related to the Forward Capacity Market (FCM). The objective of the FCM is to purchase sufficient capacity for reliable system operation for a future year at competitive prices where all resources, both new and existing, can participate.
Material providing details on the Forward Reserve Market User Interfaces.
Material associated with the one-day workshop and webinar on Generating Availability Data Systems (GADS). 
Material for the spring 2006 GIS training sessions are available on the NEPOOL GIS website. After login, select the HELP link and then Tutorials.
Material providing information on the need for ISO New England services and how the markets and other tariff provisions satisfy those needs; a review of New Englands three largest markets: Energy, Capacity, and Ancillary Services, including examples of how the markets interact.
Material providing information related to Appendix A of Market Rule 1, Market Monitoring, Reporting and Market Power Mitigation.
Material providing details on the use of the NX application as it relates to NX-9 and NX-12D administrators and read-only users.
Material providing information for operators of demand and generation resources, as well as information about submitting outages.
Material providing information that will help stakeholders understand the responsibilities of ISO New England and the basic function of New Englands wholesale electricity markets.
Material associated with the numerous on-going settlement changes.
Material explaining ISO New England's responsibilities for conducting planning for the region's power grid and the ISO's process for conducting transmission planning for reliability.
Material providing web-based/on-line training of ISO New England's Wholesale Electricity Markets for participants who have not been previously exposed to the ISO New England Wholesale Electricity Markets or who need a refresher.
Material providing a comprehensive review on ISO New England's Wholesale Electricity Markets for participants who have not been previously exposed to the ISO New England Wholesale Electricity Markets or who need a refresher.
Material providing intermediate level information on ISO New England's Wholesale Energy Market, specifically Unit Commitment and Dispatch, Internal Bilateral Transactions (IBTs), Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP), Financial Transmission Rights, and Market Interactions.
Material providing detailed information on ISO New England's Wholesale Electricity Markets, specifically Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP), Energy Reserve Co-optimization in the Real-Time Energy Market, and Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs).
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