Enter your past electricity consumption and location information to estimate the wholesale cost of your electricity usage for a particular period and place in time.

How It Works

ISO New England has computed historical hourly wholesale electricity costs for all eight pricing zones in New England from January 2005 through the most recently available month. You can download this data here.

The Wholesale Electricity Load Cost Estimator takes this same data one step further by allowing you to enter your own electricity usage to estimate your wholesale electricity costs for a particular timeframe.

The estimate provided is based on participating in the real-time wholesale electricity market only, and reflects the real-time wholesale costs of energy, ancillary services, capacity, and ISO charges. While accurately representing the costs, the estimate cannot take into account other forms of energy procurement, such as contracts your electricity provider may have purchased to supply your power that would have contributed to your electricity costs. Read more about Wholesale Electricity Costs.

Upon submitting your data to the application, you will receive a summary report showing an estimated monthly wholesale cost breakdown for the consumption you have entered. You may then download a comma-separated values (CSV) file of these values.

Note when analyzing your estimates that past results are not necessarily an indication of how the wholesale electricity markets will perform in the future.

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Your Inputs

Consumption Information
You can enter either hourly or monthly electricity consumption data. Because the major component costs of wholesale power vary by hour, hourly data will produce the most representative overall estimate.

If using hourly data, you must have a value for every hour of every day of the timeframe you are requesting. You will need to collect at least one (and up to six) complete months of hourly electricity usage data at a time. If your electric service has hourly or sub-hourly meter readings, hourly usage information may be available from your local distribution utility or your energy management system.

If using monthly data, you will need one complete month of electricity usage. Monthly data can only be submitted one month at time.

Location Information
You will need to determine the load zone in which you are located. New England sets prices at over 900 locations, or nodes, on the system which are then averaged into eight load zones: ME (Maine), NH (New Hampshire), VT (Vermont), CT (Connecticut), RI (Rhode Island), SEMA (Southeastern Massachusetts), WCMA (Western/Central Massachusetts), and NEMA (Northeastern Massachusetts). View the load zone map.

Capacity Information
To get a more complete picture of wholesale electricity costs, provide your monthly capacity market value. You can find your capacity value as follows:

I know my capacity load obligation
I do not know my capacity load obligation
Instructions for entering monthly consumption data
Instructions for entering hourly consumption data