June 2010: Culminating four years of development and staged implementation, ISO New England launches the final phase of the Forward Capacity Market

February 2008: ISO New England holds first auction under the new Forward Capacity Market, designed to ensure the region continuously develops the resources needed to meet demand and maintain reliability

February 2005: ISO New England begins operation as a Regional Transmission Organization

March 2004: FERC conditionally approves ISO New England as an RTO

March 2003: ISO New England implements Standard Market Design, an improved wholesale market design for the region

January 2003: ISO New England Board of Directors votes unanimously to pursue the creation of an RTO for New England.

June 2001: ISO New England proposes Standard Market Design, rules to govern new wholesale markets

May 1, 1999: ISO New England begins managing restructured regional wholesale power markets

July 1, 1997: ISO New England created to manage the regional bulk power system and new wholesale markets and ensure access to transmission systems

1996: FERC Order 888 deregulates portions of the electric power market

1971: New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) created to establish a central dispatch system and enhance system reliability

January 1966: Northeast Power Coordinating Council (NPCC) formed to improve system reliability

November 9, 1965: Great Northeast Blackout shuts down power for 30 million customers

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