Participants Committee & Working Groups
This principal stakeholder committee performs functions specified in § 8.1 of the Participants Agreement and acts in accordance with the provisions of the Second Restated NEPOOL Agreement in performing those functions.
Selected representatives of Participants act to fulfill the participants' administrative, contractual and voting powers and duties. The committee provides advice and input to ISO-NE.
Advises ISO-NE and the Participants Committee on ISO-NE's budgets, billing and settlement system and billing and financial assurance policies.
Regional forum for interested parties to provide input to ISO-NE concerning the assessment and development of the Regional System Plan (RSP) and the conduct of system enhancement and expansion studies. Any entity may designate a member to the PAC by providing written notice to the PAC Secretary.
Stakeholder working group reports to the Planning Advisory Committee and provides assistance on environmental regulations and issues that could affect future reliability.
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