Transmission Committee Materials
May 16, 2006
Advises ISO-NE, the Participants Committee, and/or the TOs with respect to: amendments to General Tariff Provisions; OATT Provisions and related rules; transmission and ancillary services billing procedures; proposed amendments of the TOA.

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May 16, 2006
Includes agenda items A2 through A6, motions and agenda
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May 16, 2006
For May 16, 2006 meeting
DOC (27k)
Nov 21, 2005
Draft minutes for review
DOC (67.5k)
Dec 22, 2005
Draft minutes for review
DOC (76.5k)
Nov 12, 2006
Draft minutes for review
DOC (77k)
Mar 06, 2006
Draft minutes for review
DOC (82k)
Mar 21, 2006
Draft minutes for review
DOC (77k)
May 09, 2006
Recommendation of Black Start Working Group for July Compliance Filing for Black Start Rate (Schedule 16, ISO-NE OATT)
DOC (187k)
Feb 14, 2003
Accepting a filing by NEPOOL to amend the formula for determining compansation to generation owners for providing black start service - Docket No. ER03-291-000
PDF (34.5k)
Apr 25, 2006
Standards for Business Practices and Communication Protocols for Public Utilities - Docket No. RM05-5-000
DOC (229k)
May 16, 2006
Presentation given to the NEPOOL Transmission Committee
PPT (72k)
Apr 07, 2006
TOA Filing Requirements - Quick Reference
DOC (46k)
Mar 23, 2006
From the 2006 RC/TC Summer Meeting Planning Committee to the Reliability and Transmission Committees
DOC (186k)
Apr 28, 2006
Memo from John Flynn, Transmission Controller, Northease Utilities to the NEPOOL Participants Committee Members & Alternates and the NEPOOL Transmission Committee Members & Alternates
DOC (128k)
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