Generation & Resources
ISO New England is responsible for the day-to-day reliable operation of New England's bulk power generation system. We ensure there is adequate generation in the region capable of supplying the electricity necessary to reliably serve New England’s businesses and households on a daily basis. 
Wind turbines at Searsburg, Vermont.
Annual maintenance schedule for New England's generating facilities, includes planned outages and an analysis of system-wide operable capacity by week.   
Information on ISO-NE demand response programs that compensate resources for reducing electrical consumption.
Air, water, and renewable resource issues, reports and analysis.
Link to Generating Availability Data Systems (GADS) Data Resources – data is used in capacity planning and reliability studies.
Information related to tariff, study and technical requirements to connect new generators or to modify existing generators in New England and for generators to participate in the New England Markets.

View days of continuous operation and electricity output remaining from New England’s oil-fired generators before depleting reported on-site fuel inventories.

Access information on actual and 10-year region-wide forecasts of capacity, energy, peak load, and transmission as well as capacity needed for reliability.   
Monthly report lists all of New England's generators, including information about their generating capabilities.   
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