Information on region-wide capacity needed to meet reliability standards, summaries of 10-year forecasts of electric capacity, energy, peak load and transmission and estimates of the effect of demand-side management on air emissions.
The Capacity, Energy, Loads and Transmission Report is a 10-year forecast, updated yearly, of generation, transmission and other system elements.
ISO New England’s 2003 NEPOOL Marginal Emission Rate Analysis, which assesses the impact of demand-side management on select emissions.
Annual report on system-wide generating capacity needed to meet reliability standards set by NEPOOL and the Northeast Power Coordinating Council.
ISO-NE Non-Price Retirement Request Determinations in accordance with Section III. of the ISO Tariff and Resource elections.

Requests, Reliability Determinations, FERC 205 filings including Agreement, Cost Schedules and supporting documention, and FERC Orders. Note: All Agreements covered in this web posting terminated (if not earlier) as of June 1, 2010.  This information is retained for reference only.

Approval status of all Non-Price Retirement Requests submitted pursuant to Forward Capacity Market Rules and Procedures.
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