Selectable Day-Ahead and Real-Time Hourly LMP Data
Hourly Day Ahead and Real Time locational prices broken into their various cost components: Energy, Congestion and Loss. The data is selectable by Node, Hub, Zone or Interface, and date and hour.
Disclaimer: Selectable Hourly Load Data only offers Hub/Zone selection and is not a complete set of pnodes where demands, increments and decrements were bid. Other pnodes with these bid types include Load, Interface, and Unit designations that are not included in the Hub or Zones.
Step 1
Choose an internal Hub, Zone, Interface, or Node Type.
Step 1a
If Network Node was chosen in Step 1, then select the first character of the node name.
Step 2
Choose a node from the list.
Step 3
Choose the date range.
Data is selectable over a 45-day range. Node data is available for the past 45 days. Hub, zone, and interface data is available for the past 12 months.
Start Date
End Date
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