ISO New England Planning Procedures
As the Regional Transmission Organization (RTO), ISO-NE is responsible for transmission planning and sets requirements for participants regarding reliability standards, pooled transmission facility cost review and notice of intent to change facilities.
Reliability Standards for the New England Area Bulk Power Supply System
Procedure for Pool-Supported PTF Cost Review
Cost Responsibility for Transmission Upgrades with Multiple Needs
Procedure for Reporting Notice of Intent to Construct or Change Facilities in Accordance with Section I.3.9 of the ISO New England Tariff (Proposed Plan Application Procedure)
Procedure for Review of Governance Participant's Proposed Plans (Section I.3.9 Applications: Requirements, Procedures and Forms)
Guidelines for Conducting and Evaluating Proposed Plan Application Analysis
Special Protection Systems Application Guidelines
Scope of Study for System Impact Studies Under the Generation Interconnection Procedures
Procedures for Determining and Implementing Transmission Facility Ratings in New England
Major Substation Bus Arrangement Application Guidelines
Planning Procedure to Support the Forward Capacity Market
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