Financial Assurance & Credit
The Financial Assurance Policy for Participants includes commercially reasonable credit review procedures to assess the financial ability of an Applicant or of a Participant to pay for service transactions under the 2nd Restated NEPOOL Agreement and the Tariff.
Forms for instructing ISO to utilize posted collateral for the purpose of invoice payment.
Descriptive information and required documents for posting cash collateral funds managed by BlackRock.
The Financial Assurance and Billing Policies for both Members and Non Members. Includes Word version of the Letter of Credit Template.
Access the Day-Ahead LMP Congestion Component and the Day-Ahead Virtual Bid Proxy Financial Assurance reports.
A number of credit related documents including Membership Termination Protocol and a summary of the suspension process.
Documents needed to be completed and submitted for acceptance into the New England Power Pool.
The FAP requires that Market Participants, Non Market Participant Transmission Customers, and Applicants meet minimum criteria for market participation. Documents to assist Applicants and customers comply with these requirements.
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