ISO New England uses a multi-settlement process to determine the financial obligations of Market Participants. The Energy markets consist of the Day-Ahead Market and the Real-Time Markets. Each market is settled separately. The links below are to various reports to assist Participants in Bill reconciliation and understanding the Settlement process. 
Settlements image
Access our Bill Job Aids and billing reference material, which assist in accurate bill reconciliation.
Status of billing disputes filed by Market Participants.
Detailed information on emergency transactions made by ISO-NE, shown by date and hour.  
Exhibits providing detailed information to assist the Market Participant in their FERC Electric Quarterly Reporting (EQR) filings.
The Financial Assurance Policy for Participants includes commercially reasonable credit review procedures to assess the financial ability of an Applicant or of a Participant to pay for service transactions under the Restated NEPOOL Agreement and the Tariff.
Access the Generation Information System list of billable and non-billable assets, allocation of GIS costs, and GIS asset information submittal instructions with forms.
The following days represent the Settlement and Metering Holidays. Settlements will not be distributed and Meter deadlines will not fall on these non-business days.  
Access the ISO-NE and Regional Transmission Organization Tariff and supporting documents related to our multi-settlement process.
Meter and contract data submittal deadlines for the Market Resettlements Data Reconciliation Process
Materials from quarterly web conferences on settlements topics, including information on upcoming settlements and billing changes.
Reliability Agreements provide supplemental cost recovery for generators that are needed for system reliability. The cost is shared by Transmission Customers with network loads within the reliability region.
Access information on settlement models for New England’s pricing nodes (Pnodes).
Matrices that describe cost components typical of a customer's bill for customers serving wholesale load or regional network load (if applicable). Links to relevant Tariff and ISO manuals that govern the settlement calculations are provided.
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