ISO & RTO Tariff
The ISO New England and Regional Transmission Organization Tariff describes the operating terms and conditions and rate schedules under which power is generated and transmitted through, out or within New England. 
Current and historical OATT & ISO Tariff Rate Schedules of fees charged to Market Participants for transmission dispatch services, regional network service and related administrative services.
Informational filings and documents that support the development process of the OATT & ISO Tariff Rate Schedules.
OATT Schedule 2 Volt Ampere Reactive (VAR) original settlement and resettlement details, and Status Reports providing information on generating units that participate in the VAR program.

OATT Schedule 16 Blackstart reports containing indexed values for Appendix A to Schedule 16 Blackstart Standard Rate Components and Capital Recovery Factors. OATT Schedule 16 Black Start original settlement and resettlement details available to support the verification process.

Zip files that contain Tariff Reports in support of ISO New England's multi-settlement process. Each time a monthly settlement is run, the Zip file will be identified by the month and run number.
Supporting documents for ISO New England's resettlements and interest allocations for the FERC ordered ROE resettlements for RNS and TOUT services during 2006 and 2007.
Report provides the monthly Regional Network Load Value (in MW) based on customers’ monthly Regional Network Load submissions. Includes Regional Network Load information by customer, DUNS Number, and Regional Network Load ID.
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