ISO New England oversees the movement or transfer of electric energy at high voltage levels into, within and out of New England. We make certain that there are adequate distribution lines and the necessary associated equipment in appropriate locations all through New England so that electric energy can be carried from where it is generated to points where it is transformed for delivery to end users. Our goal is to ensure the safe, reliable and efficient delivery of electricity to both consumers and other electric systems.
ISO-NE oversees the movement or transfer of energy into, out of or through the New England Control Area according to the Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT). Access information pertaining to transmission services and the FERC Open Access Same Time Information System (OASIS).
ISO-NE provides information pertaining to the operation of New England Transmission System, outage expectations, limitations and methodologies.
ISO-NE analyzes and reports on the reliability and efficiency of proposed changes to New England’s transmission system.
Regional System Plans are ISO-NE's annual planning reports that determine resources and transmission facilities needed to maintain reliable and economic operation of New England's bulk electric power system. Summarizes load and energy forecasts, resource adequacy studies, and transmission plans.
System Studies are initiated to ensure the reliability criteria of the bulk power system is met, evaluate system additions/alternatives to mitigate reliability criteria violations found, evaluate proposed interconnection of new generation and transmission, and support the regional system planning process.
ISO-NE's annual 10 year forecast of capacity, energy, loads and transmission. 
Proposed plan documents for supply and demand-side resources or transmission facilities rated 69 kV or above. Covers actions that may effect the stability, reliability or operating characteristics of the system. Transmission cost allocations for PTF facilities are also included.
Information about requests for proposed elective transmission expansion or upgrades to the New England Transmission System.
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