A Highly Skilled Workforce

Keeping the power flowing reliably and at competitive prices to the homes, businesses, and industries across the six diverse states of New England is a complicated, demanding, and ever-evolving job. Succeeding in our unique mission amid today’s rapidly evolving industry and operational challenges means attracting highly skilled, committed, innovative, and adaptable professionals from across a variety of competitive industries. Over 60% of ISO employees hold advanced degrees, and the ISO competes for top talent in high-demand fields not only with regional companies but with other grid operators and power companies across the US.

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ISO Employees’ Education by the Numbers

Education Level

  • 6% PhD
  • 55% Other advanced degree
  • 38% Up to Bachelor’s Degree

Fields of Study

  • 31% Engineering
  • 15% Computer science
  • 12% Math, economics, statistics, and finance
  • 42% Other

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ISO New England is:

  • Expert leadership to guide the ISO in its mission
  • Engineers and analysts who create roadmaps for the power system’s future needs and protect grid reliability while helping to connect power resources and transmission facilities
  • Seasoned forecasters and operators who run New England’s power grid 24/7
  • Master programmers and information technology specialists who build and maintain the sophisticated computer systems needed to run the grid and wholesale electricity markets—and to help protect them from cyberattacks that could disrupt power to New Englanders
  • Economists and finance professionals who design, administer, and oversee competitive markets
  • Dedicated trainers who help stakeholders learn how to participate in the region’s markets and ISO services
  • Many other professional roles necessary to support the ISO’s mission and keep a complex organization like the ISO up and running

Small Footprint, Broad Responsibilities

New England’s power system is relatively small—but that doesn’t mean the work is. Just like the biggest power systems across the country, ISO New England must employ a team of professional system operators to run the sophisticated, state-of-the-art control room needed to keep power flowing 24/7. We design and manage a suite of wholesale electricity markets that is even more extensive than some of the largest power systems. We maintain working relationships with regulators and policymakers across six different states, each with their own energy goals, as we manage the region’s long-term power system planning.

From traditional power plants to offshore wind and grid-scale battery storage, the ISO’s markets and systems must be constantly refined to be able to accommodate all types of existing and emerging power resources. And New England’s unique fuel-import challenges, coupled with rapid technological changes and cybersecurity threats, mean the ISO’s engineers, economists, computer scientists, and other skilled professionals are often blazing new trails in the industry.

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