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AS OF 03/23/2018 07:50 AM


Capacity (MW)


Forecasted Peak
Demand (MW)


Capacity (MW)


Yesterday's Peak
Demand (MW)

Real-Time Data

System Demand


Forecasted (MW)
Actual (MW)

Fuel Mix


Internal hub Price

$19.45 Energy
$0.00 Congestion
$0.11 Line Loss

System Status

Normal normal

More Real-Time Data


FCM Participation Guide updated for new substitution auction, price-responsive demand, and more

March 19, 2018

As the region’s Forward Capacity Market (FCM) continues to evolve in response to changes in public policies, regulatory requirements, and technology, market participants are encouraged to review the ISO’s FCM Participation Guide.

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ISO-NE responds to FERC's grid resilience order

March 15, 2018

The ISO’s response focuses on the fuel security challenge, the assurance that power plants will have or be able to obtain the fuel they need to run during winter as coal, oil, and nuclear units retire, fuel infrastructure is constrained, and permits to operating dual-fuel generating capability remain difficult to obtain. The ISO requests the Commission afford the ISO time to work with regional stakeholders to develop a long-term solution to challenges but should circumstances dictate, the ISO will take the necessary actions to address near-term reliability risks.

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FERC issues order accepting CASPR revisions to Forward Capacity Market

March 12, 2018

On March 9, 2018, FERC accepted ISO New England’s CASPR proposal, noting that out-of-market state revenues can result in building more capacity than a region needs, overpayment by consumers for capacity, inefficiently low capacity market prices and the erosion of investor confidence. FERC concludes that the CASPR proposal, appropriately addresses the issues associated with out-of-market state revenues while ensuring that the overall capacity market can continue to attract and maintain appropriate levels of new resource investment.

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