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More features added in June 2023

Pardon the pun, but we’re charged up! Why? Because ISO New England’s ISO to Go mobile app has a steady following of energy and data enthusiasts—from market participants who need minute-to-minute pricing detail to New England residents who may just want to follow what’s happening on the grid on the hottest summer days and coldest winter nights.

Learn more about the app’s features that will keep you up to date on wholesale electricity prices, electricity demand, resource mix, and grid conditions in New England.

Get the info you need

ISO to Go provides the up-to-the-minute power system information you rely on in an easy-to-use format.

Pricing data deep dive

The app’s price map includes both day-ahead and real-time prices for each of region’s eight zones and the New England Hub, a reference price for electric energy in New England. Prices are also displayed at the five interchanges where electricity is imported from, or exported to, our neighboring regions. And you can find your local day-ahead and real-time wholesale energy prices using GPS or choosing from a list.

You’ll now see a breakdown of all three of the components that make up wholesale energy prices for each location: the New England energy price, transmission congestion, and line losses. Prices are calculated this way to represent the true cost for delivering power by location (and why they’re called locational marginal prices or LMPs).

Other features include a rolling 12-hour pricing chart for each load zone and the hub and binding constraints updates.

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Past, present, and future electricity demand

Demand curves provide a simple visual of New England’s consumer demand for electricity right now and how it tracks with the forecast. The ISO to Go demand curve shows real-time regional demand throughout the day. And you can search demand for previous days.

Users can also track estimated production from the region’s behind-the-meter solar photovoltaic resources (BTM PV). BTM PV resources are connected to local distribution utilities or provide power directly to homes and businesses, reducing the amount of electricity drawn from the regional grid.

Need to know about system conditions today, tomorrow, or what’s forecasted for the next seven days? You can see key data from the ISO’s morning report, 3-day demand forecast, and 7-day capacity forecast.

Extensive resource mix data, including estimated system emissions

What’s powering New England’s grid? A quick check of our app will tell you.

Learn more about what energy sources are powering New England at any given moment, now featuring net imports (the electricity imported across the region’s transmission tie lines to neighboring power grids, less that being exported).

ISO to Go also allows users to view estimated real-time carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from New England’s power plants. The estimates are based on a formula that multiplies power generation, in megawatts (MW), from each fuel type by emissions factors developed by ISO New England and based on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data.

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Get notified (when you want)

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Be in the know with ISO to Go’s push notifications. These customizable notifications will send alerts directly to your phone:

  • When the power system is operating under abnormal or emergency conditions
  • As prices cross a certain threshold (e.g., Real-time hub price exceeds $100 MWh, or Vermont zone drops below $0 MWh)

Check the box for any or all notifications important to you.

The news you need

Stay informed of the latest news and updates from ISO New England right within the app.

Get go-ing (and download today)!

With its clean, modern look, the app fits most phones and tablets. Download it for free on your Apple or Android device!

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Data usage charges may apply depending on your current data plan. Read the ISO to Go terms and conditions.

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