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Estimated CO₂ Emissions

Date: 07/15/2024  

This graph displays estimated average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, in metric tons, from New England power plants in real time throughout the course of the day. The estimates are for resources using oil, refuse, wood, coal, landfill gas, or natural gas to generate electricity. The graph also shows the sum of estimated average CO2 emissions from these resources as a total estimate for the region’s bulk power system.


The estimates are based on a formula that multiplies power generation from each fuel type, in megawatts (MW), by an emissions factor developed by ISO New England. The factors, derived from Environmental Protection Agency data, are:


  • Refuse: .02811 metric tons per minute of CO2 per MW
  • Wood: .01901 metric tons per minute per minute of CO2 per MW
  • Coal: .01688 metric tons per minute of CO2 per MW
  • Oil: .01442 metric tons per minute of CO2 per MW
  • Landfill Gas: .01286 metric tons per minute of CO2 per MW
  • Natural Gas: .00658 metric tons per minute of CO2 per MW


Other resource types—nuclear, hydro, wind, solar, and energy storage devices—do not produce CO2 emissions. The graph does not include emissions estimates for electricity imported from neighboring areas because the resource types producing this electricity are unspecified.


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