Real-Time Maps and Charts

Resource Mix Chart

Resources Renewables

These charts indicate the type of resources being used to meet consumer demand for grid electricity in real-time.


Resource types in the chart include those using natural gas, nuclear, coal, oil, hydro, other, and renewable resources to generate electricity within New England, as well as net imports from neighboring regions. Resources in the renewable category include: landfill gas, methane, refuse, solar, steam, wind, and wood. Net import values represent the electricity being imported, less that being exported, across the region’s tie lines.


Hydro is not included in the renewable category primarily because the various sources that make up hydroelectric generation (i.e., conventional hydroelectric, run-of-river, pumped storage) are not universally defined as renewable in the six New England states.


The other category contains the output of energy storage devices (excluding pumped hydro) and demand response.


A resource type may appear in the legend but not in the charts if it is producing a very low amount of electricity. If a resource type is not producing any electricity, it will not appear at all.


The Marginal Fuel is the fuel currently being used by the resource that will be dispatched to generate the next additional megawatt of energy on the New England power system.


Click on the export button in the upper right corner of the portlet to view the raw chart data in CSV format.