Real-Time Maps and Charts

System Load Graph

Date: 01/18/2022  

This graph shows electricity demand from these perspectives:


   ACTUAL: The real-time electricity usage within New England, updated every 5 minutes.

   FORECASTED: The most recently published forecast of electricity demand, updated as needed and at least twice daily.

   CLEARED: The demand for electricity which cleared in the Day Ahead Energy Market for the selected day.

   PRIOR-DAY: A record of yesterday’s demand forecast that was published prior to the deadline for bids and offers in the Day Ahead Energy Market.

    PUMP LOAD: Off-peak electric energy used to pump water into a pumped-storage unit's storage pond.

   *NEW* BEHIND-THE-METER SOLAR: An estimate of New England’s total electricity usage from both grid and behind-the-meter resources.


ISO New England predicts electricity usage based on daily and seasonal patterns, as well as weather and distributed generation resources, not connected to the regional power grid.



 - Hover over the lines in the graph to see the megawatt amounts for each line item during any point throughout the day.

 - Use the date picker to see historical data.

 - The Prior Day forecast line provides an increased level of transparency into our forecast accuracy, which we consistently strive to improve.

 - Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of portlet to include Pump Load or Behind-the-Meter Solar in the Actual Load.

 - Click on the export button to view the raw chart data in CSV format.