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Three-Day Reliability Region Demand Forecast Archive

Download the ISO's hourly demand forecast for today and the next two days broken down by reliability region, published before May 25, 2017. Forecasts after May 24, 2017, can be found on the Three-Day Reliability Region Demand Forecast page.

The region's transmission system is divided into eight reliability regions. They are intended to reflect the system's operating characteristics and major constraints. The region's load zones (which represent aggregations of pricing nodes within specific areas) generally correspond to these reliability regions.

Here's a guide to the forecast's abbreviations and data columns: CT = Connecticut Reliability Region; ME = Maine Reliability Region; NEMABOS = Northeast Massachusetts and Boston Area Reliability Region; NH= New Hampshire Reliability Region; RI = Rhode Island Reliability Region; SEMA = Southeast Massachusetts Reliability Region; VT = Vermont Reliability Region; WCMA = Western/Central Massachusetts Reliability Region; Zonal Total = Sum of the individual reliability regions; CT%, ME%, etc. = the reliability region's demand as a percentage of the zonal total. Note that the demand included in the forecast is in megawatts (MW).


Three-Day Reliability Region Demand Forecast Archive
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